Growing Up

While Navarre is still very much a puppy, he is slowly growing up. Today we had a milestone, he did his first full length group obedience stays. No fidgeting, no whining, no sitting up, rolling around, looking at the other dogs – just totally relaxed and comfortable with the exercise. It’s certainly not because of practice, as we haven’t practiced them at all, but we have been doing a lot of ‘manners’ stays lately, and he is just feeling much more settled and mature.

Navarre just looked great and felt so easy with so many of the exercises today. He’s been working up to a full half hour of obedience class. And in obedience you are working the entire time. Heeling is slowly improving … at least, until it’s not, and he reverts back to wildly forging. But especially in class he’s really trying hard. Figure eights are a crack up as he’s so into the people! It’s still ridiculously easy to distract him on this exercise, but he’s getting better and he’s doing better with the proofing. After ‘exercise finished’ he’s like, “Let me go say hi to the posts now!” Such a happy guy. Stand for exam looks great, out of motion looking good too. We did our first retrieves over the high jump! He was surprisingly into this, perhaps the ‘agility/obedience’ combo. Let it be said, Navarre has no issues with his dumbbell pickups, he’s SUPER GENTLE. Not entirely sure where that came from, but it’s a nice change after Haku.

So, yes, recall and retrieves are looking better, and also trying to keep in mind that Navarre is not Haku, he’s a chill guy, no need to expect him to have the same level of enthusiasm. Few dogs do! It’s been a lot of fun doing a different sport with him. A different side of Navarre.

And Haku looked good too, still requires multiple reps before he gets a clean dumbbell pickup at class, but at least he CAN. He did some fabulous gloves today, had them really close together, his pivots and sends were lovely. Stand proofing continues, hard to fool him with a toy thrown behind him now – he can keep those feet solid when he wants to! He very much enjoys his obedience, that’s for sure. I need to actually plan out my summer, but I believe there is not much for him to enter until possibly July or September. There is an outdoor trial that was recommended, which would certainly be different. Not sure if they have preferred though. And Navarre, yeah, he’s still on the 4 year plan until he’ll be ready to trial in obedience. Training is more fun anyway!

I get to go squish a puppy this weekend! I’m so ready for some more puppy action around here, they grow up too fast. And Rico doesn’t count, as he’s already bigger than all my dogs – hard to believe he’s only 6 months old!