USDAA Weekend

They had some really fun courses at this trial, way more interesting than AKC, so that was fun. The trial ran well, nice to see all the USDAA folks I never see otherwise, and it didn’t get TOO hot. A good trial, I look forward to my next USDAA trial … whenever that may be.

Of course, it was not all sunshine and rainbows, unfortunately. Navarre somehow managed to break himself and I have no idea what happened. He ran three runs on Saturday, he was moving really well, jumping looked great, absolutely nothing that concerned me. Took the dogs to be adjusted, brought along Navarre just because, and when she got to his shoulder he yelped – uh oh. And after that he was limping big time on his right front, so manipulating it seemed to bring out whatever issue was there. She felt neck and shoulder and Maddy agreed when I brought him to her for a massage. It just broke my heart, he would cry when Maddy was just barely touching his upper neck. She felt that the upper neck problem was the issue that caused the shoulder/arm issue. After working on the shoulder he was moving better. I gave him some metacam last night and this morning he wasn’t limping at all. Whether that was from the meds or rest, I don’t know, but obviously scratched him from the trial and he’s on rest this week. Going to try to see Maddy again on Thursday to see how he’s feeling. Tonight he looks perfectly normal, so that’s encouraging. I’m hoping he just tweaked something.

So, yeah, this trial was all about Navarre and suddenly it was just about Bright. Always good to have a spare agility dog! Bright was just along for the ride as long as I was bringing Navarre, but she ended up with 2 Advanced Gamblers legs, Advanced Snooker and Advanced Jumpers – so we’ll have to actually enter Pairs and finish off that Advanced title once and for all. Only took five years … Though we also entered biathlon and didn’t have much luck. Saturday standard was a hot mess of ridiculousness, and jumpers today she messed up her weavepoles.

But guess what Bright rocked this weekend? Steeplechase! Never used to be her thing, but she won the first round and I hear would have won the second round … but missed a pole. They were great runs though, unfortunately not on video, but they FELT good and Bright was really happy.

Really, overall I felt more connected to Bright than I have for a while, and I think having so many USDAA classes where we can … make it up as we go along, helps. We only had one hot mess, so not too shabby. Oh, and once in gamblers she refused to weave near the judge. Dork.

Before broken Navarre he had a lot of good stuff too, he ended up getting his starters gamblers title, and would have gotten to run in advanced Gamblers today, which would have been fun. We did manage to fumble another starters standard course, which is silly. It goes back to be being TOO careful, I was stopping and making sure he got his teeter contact and that ended up pulling him to the wrong end of the tunnel. And he had a nice biathlon standard run, but both him and Bright did not do their independent wrap from a tunnel up the dogwalk, which we’ve practiced quite a bit at home … but did not transfer to a trial for either. Bummer. But we did managed to fix it and Navarre looked great. You know, until he didn’t.

Just got two videos this weekend (neither of which is very exciting), thanks to Rosie! I wasn’t much into the video thing, as Bright can be so unpredictable.

Navarre Standard

Bright Jumpers

And Kip was a star, naturally. He quickly made himself at home in the VERY loud USDAA trial environment. It was so crazy loud, border collies like the bark, apparently. Kip has swagger and he did great. He’s back at home with his mom now and was ridiculously happy to see her – he certainly didn’t forget ‘his’ person! Will be fun to watch him grow, such a fun pup. Will be nice to get back to normal around here, puppies are a lot of work!


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