Fenzi Academy Camp

The Fenzi Camp seems well organized and I enjoyed the presentations I saw today. Though the ‘agility’ equipment was pretty horrifying, I’m bringing them some safer jumps tomorrow. We had perfect weather but I’m happy to hear that there is air conditioning for tomorrow and Saturday, with the whole ridiculous 100 degree weather thing. Because god forbid we have something between 50s and 100s for a little while.

As with the Clickerexpo, I don’t think it’s very worthwhile to have a ‘working’ spot in the event, as you end up getting very little actual working time, but it was nice to see the dogs as examples of the ideas that were being presented. I thought it was reasonably priced for auditing, and lots of great topics and presenters, many of which I’m interested in seeing how they work in person. Even with two days to go, I’m having a good time and happy I signed up.

Everything I attended today was looking at focus, motivation and engagement, which is the stuff I find most interesting. It’s definitely the theme for what I’m looking at this weekend, though there are a few other sessions thrown in as well.

I did miss the last presentation with Deb Jones as I wanted to take Navarre to Maddy to see how he was doing. As far as I could tell, he seemed perfectly fine the day after his weird lameness. But we took it easy this week, practicing leaving the dogs at home anyway, what with the hot weather coming (they did fine, no issues – border collies are so easy). Yesterday I let him roam about the arena and he looked totally sound to me, but then, he looked totally sound to me before his adjustment too.

So, yeah, Maddy didn’t find anything with the neck or shoulder, completely back to normal again. He probably WAS just fine to run last weekend. But better safe than sorry and he’s now got the greet light to head to the agility trial with Heidi this weekend. You know, now that it will be 100 degrees. Sigh. I’ve had bad luck trialing this year, even when I’m not the one doing the running!

In the meantime, dogs are hanging at home again tomorrow, thankfully Mary can let them out. Nice not to have to worry about them and just relax and enjoy the camp.