Well, summer achievement number one unlocked – we survived the July trial. Keeping in mind that apparently it got up to a whopping 80 degrees today up there, it felt SO HOT. Certainly as hot as I want to be. Sunlight is my nemesis, that’s for sure. It’s this time of year that I really hate FAST, even now that it’s ‘combined’, it takes forever and uses up all the nice cool morning hours. I so hate FAST, I don’t like watching it, I don’t like running it, and it annoys me greatly that it makes days SO LONG. I hate it less in the winter though.

Trial went well today, standard was a little more interesting than yesterday, and jumpers, well, that was about as complicated as I had the energy for in the afternoon heat. Navarre was so much better about the sightseeing, no ridiculously wide turns today, no running around jumps as he waved to the leashrunner – just a nice baby dog doing good work. Contacts continued to look good, great weaves with distance in standard, no foolishness on the table – he CAN do the things, when the brain is there. Two Excellent legs today, which means he needs one more of each to compete with Bright for real.

Bright in jumpers today: 25.36 – Navarre: 25.41 – so close!

Bright standard: 38.22 – Navarre: 39.97 – getting there!

Navarre has better ground speed and stride length, but he loses it all with the wide turns and his weaves are not as fast either.

So, yes, Bright got another double Q today, which for her is crazy consistent. Nothing weird at all, she was super happy and having a great time. All the dogs enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool, and I enjoyed the free ice cream sandwiches courtesy of PAC. A fun trial, the dogs enjoyed the ‘take what’s in front of you’ feel of AKC. I still don’t know what the heck I do all day at trials, somehow I continue to feel like I’m super busy the entire day, but I have no earthly idea why.

Look, a video!


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