The Stumptown trial ended up going pretty well, I was pleased to see Haku’s performance in Utility was much better on day two. Just a tad short on go-out number one, but nice and all the way on number two. Didn’t then wait for me to actually cue a jump after that sit, but, hey – one issue at a time. Nailed his articles this time too, making REALLY sure before bringing me the right one. Pretty much typical ‘high’ Haku issues, had to give a double command on gloves because he did not pivot with me to two but was entranced on glove #1. Just goofy stuff where he’s half focused, half not, but happy and having a good time. And once again coming to heel instead of front on his signals – so that’s two days in a row, so need to look at that.


We fumbled our way to another Open Q, with some goofiness – but it wasn’t all my fault! The judge forgot the heeling pattern and I was all ready to explode into my fast when he called a slow instead – my brain exploded. We just went back and redid that section, but that was funny. Dumbbell pickups were okay, but an improvement. His gives were better on Sunday too. Fronts were, as usual, all over the place – but especially when it involves jumping in public, I realize his terrible angles when landing make it very difficult, especially when he’s high.


Proud of Haku for working so hard in that environment, he may have been high, but he was totally with me and having a good time. Because of the weather he was inside in a crate in the middle of it all the whole time – and he handled it really well. The crazy things we ask our dogs to do – and some dogs, like Haku, make it seem easy.


I always come back from trials with the thought that I really should actually train my dog. I know we’ll never have a great deal of precision, Haku doesn’t do ANYTHING with precision, but we can do better than we do at trials. We’ll only improve if we actually work on it though. Shocking thought. I’d love to have solid runs in competition where I actually felt like we were doing what we’re capable of. I don’t think that’s really happened, at least not in Open and Utility. Obedience practice in new public spaces – this is our goal.


Have really been enjoying my trick classes this summer, such fun classes. Bonus being that gives me the excuse to train tricks to my guys – tricks are so fun! Not sure how I had never taught Bright to hold things before, that was fun to use her as a demo dog. I’ll have to do some three dog hold pictures soon. We’ve done all sorts of little things that I just have never trained before – and it’s really fun. And some fabulous trick dogs in classes – very inspiring!


We’ve been doing more hiking now that we’re on summer break from agility. Rainforests are just not as pretty in the summer – they need the rain to really shine. In the winter the dogs had to be hosed down from all the mud, and now they have to be brushed out from all the seeds – where was the inbetween? Navarre’s favorite part is the swimming afterwards BY FAR. He’s a swimming maniac. Haku enjoys his swimming, but he’s ready for a break after a bit – but not Navarre. And Bright just sits in the water, just a bobbing head. Still, getting warmer, we have to get out there early to avoid the heat.


We still play at the park as well, but less so – they can overheat so quickly running around there. We miss the cooler weather, when the dogs can run forever. Still, it’s almost August – and September is the nice downhill slide into Fall. Until then, we’re doing our best to enjoy summer, it has it’s perks.






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