August – The Worst Month

Bright is having fierce dreams – she’s kicking someone’s dream ass. There is going to be a lot of dogs laying around the house this week, I don’t even have a frame of reference for 110 degrees. I went ahead and cancelled my classes, as even though they’re in the morning, it’s just too ridiculously hot. Ah, summer – I just don’t get the appeal. Assuming my tomatoes make through this week, I may finally be getting some ripe ones though! I don’t know what to say about our increasingly hot summers, nothing I can do but be thankful I have air conditioning and hope that I die before the world becomes a barren wasteland.


Took the dogs out for a hike this morning, still cool enough at that point. Navarre thought it took way too long to get to the swimming though. That will probably be our last real exercise until … I don’t even know, the forecast looks horrendous. Maybe I’ll take them out just for swimming this week, and maybe go myself – it will probably actually be hot enough that river swimming will seem like a good idea.


Dogs had a great time at the beach last weekend, though there was a crazy amount of people down in Waldport. I expect more people in summer, but this was way more than I’m used to seeing. I’m hoping it’s not the new normal. Doggies are sometimes ridiculously well behaved – I keep thinking we need a troublemaker – these three are kind of creepily good all the time. I know that shouldn’t freak me out, but it does.


To be fair, they’re not ALWAYS good – the other day I was using Navarre as a demo dog in Trick classes and I went to put him back in the car and he was like, “NO,” and ran back into the building and broke into the agility arena – I think he misses his agility! We’ve been enjoying tricks this summer though, really fun to have an excuse to play around with tricks I’ve never trained before. Last week Navarre got to learn backwards leg weaving, which was fun. The dogs know a lot of tricks!

So, yeah, hello, August! My least favorite month – you make me appreciate all the months that aren’t you. And this is only day one. Sigh.








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