I had waffled back and forth on the foster kitten plan for this summer, my last experience with raising kittens with the Sunshine kittens was such a hot mess. Still, it’s been long enough that the idea felt interesting again, and the Newberg Animal Shelter was in desperate need of foster homes, so I decided to give it a go.

So meet Lulu, yet another incredibly tiny and very young looking mama:


Apparently she had been a feral kitten that a little girl had tamed, but they couldn’t keep her. Not sure how the whole pregnant thing came about, or even how old she is. But apparently Lulu was quite fierce at the shelter at first, but now is all sweet and cuddly. I like badass cats, so I approve. She’s been nothing but sweet with me, so that makes it easier.

And just two kittens, which seems VERY easy! I believe a boy and girl, I’m rusty on my kitten sexing skills, and don’t want to traumatize the babies. They both have very interesting and unique markings:



Now, I’ll admit I’m not entirely sure if mama is actually named Lulu, because I can’t remember, I’ll have to check. Not sure about the kittens names, I’ll have to think about it. In person they shall be called, “Kitten-kitten” because that’s how it works.

Kittens are maybe 3 weeks old? Very tiny, but seem to be pretty aware and fairly mobile. I don’t remember what the SS kittens were like at that age. They seem friendly if somewhat bewildered if you hold them. Mama cat likes to come get lots of loves and belly rubs and make the biscuits with her TEENY TINY ITTY BITTY paws. Damn that is one small cat – and very skinny, she needs to eat.


They’re set up in the Giant Uber Closet, right now they’re in a big dog crate, and eventually they’ll have the whole master bath and closet to play in. Fizban has already barged in looking for the food and was shocked to find cats in there. Bright is way more interested in getting in there than the other dogs, no idea why she’s so fascinated.


As this was a spur of the moment decision today, tomorrow my cats get vaccinated. Upper respiratory stuff is always rampant in cats in shelters, and while they were not in there for long, there is a good chance they’re going to come down with crud – which could then spread to my cats. Which is not the worst thing in the world, mostly concerning for the kittens, but, yeah, that is one of the down sides to fostering.

Mostly hoping that this experience goes a lot smoother than the last. So far Lulu seems to be feeding kittens and being a good mom, which is good. However, she hasn’t eaten anything today that I can tell, which worries me. She has fancy smelly kitten canned food, but hasn’t touched it. But it’s been a lot for her the last few days, hopefully she’ll settle in.

So kittens will be here until they’re 8-12 weeks and spayed/neutered and ready for adoption. Eventually the kittens will get to meet the dogs, not sure about the cats – and just depends on what Lulu thinks of dogs – she doesn’t have to have any exposure to them if she doesn’t want to.

Hopefully it won’t stress Dragon out to have them here, obviously they’re separated, but he’s a sensitive soul. I bet Fizban will like to meet the kittens eventually. And eat all their food.

So hopefully this will be mostly just a fun experience, kittens will not have any issues, mama will get fat and healthy and they’ll head off to their new homes as summer comes to an end. And I’ll get to hang out with cute kittens. Who, btw, are terribly unphotogenic at the moment. This will need work.

In other news I couldn’t figure out why I was so weirdly sore this week, but it finally clicked – it was teaching the dogs to jump through my arms. It requires me to bent over in weird positions, as especially in the beginning the ‘hoop’ of my arms needs to be very low – but my legs and body have to be out of the way. I did some pretty ridiculous acrobatics to work on this one.

Navarre wins at jumping through my arms, while Bright is the worst. Haku can do it, but not as fluently as Navarre. I was working on them jumping through a hoop to start with, which I thought would be relatively straightforward for all these agility dogs – and I was so wrong about that. I think because I figured it would be easy I made it way harder for myself. They eventually figured it out, but way easier with an assistant, let me say.

Very much enjoying my summer trick classes, and really fun to work on these tricks I never have trained before. Sometimes it surprises me which seem harder than others!

Otherwise it remains in the 90s with terrible smoke and smog – the air quality is terrible. Really fun to have Penny visiting from Australia, but so sad that this was the ‘view’ from when we went to Portland:


Fingers crossed it actually cools off this weekend, it’s been one heck of a Summer. Record breaking heat, record breaking lack of rain and I’m sure record breaking poor air quality (for an insanely long time period!) – Summer has been especially not fun this year. But it’s almost mid-August! Days will be getting shorter, things should start sliding towards Fall, hopefully the worst is behind us.

And to end on a happy note, check out this amazing illustration of Fizban by ‘Draw All the Dogs’ on Facebook:


Very cool!



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  1. I love the kittens they are so cute and like the story about you and the new furry friend in your family. I have 5 cats and three dogs so I really connected with your story.

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