Heather is a Dork

Oh, I was not a great handler today, but we all had fun though, so it’s all good. Bright and I had a great Premier Standard course, I liked the course, it was really fun … and I just totally forgot a jump at the end. Whoops. Still, in my mind it was a perfectly lovely run, complete with a nice running dogwalk from Miss Brightness. Which, uh, got us into trouble in standard as I let her run again and she was like, “Wheee!” and did not see my tunnel threadle cue off the exit. Oh well, she had a great time, and our made-up course was fun too. We were sort of doing our own thing today. In jumpers we REALLY did our own thing as I just sort of forgot where the jumps were in space and ran her right by jump number 4, and then started just trying to make shit up for the fun of it – and forgot the rest. There is a theme here, which is Heather was just being goofy.

Someone said to blame her High in Trial (kind of) . We were some fraction of a second off of Mynx for HIT, so Robin kindly offered us the HIT chair (as they already have so many!). Hey, free chair, we’ll take it. Still, pretty cool little Brightypants is honorary high in trial. We did have a good day yesterday, and today I was just not focused, I freely admit it.

Guess who did pretty well despite that? Baby Navarre! His first day of all Masters classes, and he ALMOST double Qd (triple, actually!)! He took my ‘go-on’ in an unexpected direction, AWAY from me, and added an extra jump. Whoops. Still, so much good stuff! He still looks stiff in the weaves to me, but better than he did yesterday. Navarre DID get the tunnel threadle cue in standard with his running dogwalk and actually won Masters standard – with some very questionable handling by Heather before the weaves.

He also had a fun T2B run as well, perhaps not the tightest lines in the whole world, but no lack of enthusiasm!

Lots of fun with both dogs, I feel very lucky to have such fabulous teammates on course, they just bring such joy. And their tables are marginally better! We may be slightly less terrible with our tables for the USDAA trial next weekend. Maybe. The dogs are doing great at holding up their end of the team, need to make sure I do the same.

And Haku got to come in and play some obedience. But mostly I just let him watch agility – he LOVES to watch agility. He gets to run in tunnelers next weekend! I think he’ll have a blast. But then, it’s Haku, he usually does.

Tomorrow we’ll pick up our little scruffy houseguest, which should be fun!



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