Aja 10 Weeks

Surprisingly, Bright is being super gentle and understanding with the puppy. Not that she can’t do her bitch routine, but she actually follows the puppy around and invites her to play, rolls over and lets the puppy maul her and is basically being super sweet and motherly. Go figure. It’s actually been surprising all around how accepting the dogs have been of bringing in a puppy, especially a rather loud and pushy puppy. Even Haku was inviting her to tug with his toy this morning, and Haku barely likes dogs. They have all been great with her, and really careful when she’s obnoxiously getting underfoot or jumping up to latch onto their hair not to squish her. I have good dogs, and Aja is growing up with REALLY good self esteem.

Puppies are giant time sucks, especially at this age. But it’s coming up on three weeks now and we’re starting to get a little more of a routine. Aja is still sleeping through the night on the bed, sometimes she wakes me up, but she has yet to cause any issues and mostly I wake her up in the morning to go outside. She’s a lot better in her x-pen, learning to chill somewhat, though still can be fussy. She had a little resurgence of screaming earlier in the week but I think it may have been an extinction burst, she’s just more relaxed and quiet all around. That’s a relative term though, that girl has got a mouth on her.

So, yeah, another busy week of puppying, many adventures, many firsts – they grow up so insanely quickly at this age. Aja did MUCH better at the Drama during classes this week. Especially with the people that worked with her last week she was all excited to see them, still cautious at first meeting but now just assumes that every new person will be feeding her. Aja is fat, she REALLY likes her food, I need to start monitoring it more. Never had a BC puppy actually WANT to eat, so this is a new concept. We will continue to work on the Drama, but I think she’ll be like Bright and Glee, loving ‘her’ people and suspicious of newcomers until they prove they have something of value. Most importantly, she could care less who’s around when she’s working with me, it’s only when people are coming at her and trying to touch her without consent does she not like it.

We haven’t done a ton of training, but she now has a hand touch, spin, back up, wave with both paws, lie down, bark and we started head down. There is also a lot of bouncing around, which isn’t trained but she offers a lot. What I did find is that it wasn’t fluke, she does NOT like to work with getting in a box. Maybe she just hates boxes, but she will leave the training session if I attempt to work with it. So we’ll try with another, non-cardboard object, because for whatever reason she’s against it.

Our biggest accomplishments are small things that aren’t really trained. Such as going in and out of the back door when invited, instead of being picked up and escorted. And when she’s coming out of her crate or x-pen waiting for her to reach up to me to be picked up, instead of just going in and getting her. She’s understanding the concept of things being her idea. I have had her on leash a couple times, but have yet to actually try to walk her anywhere with intent. I’m a big fan of letting puppies be offleash as much as possible and encouraging them to follow of their own accord. So far, Aja responds well to be invited along. We’ll see how that changes as she grows.

Housebreaking progresses mostly unencumbered by me. She’s a clean dog, she lets me know when she needs to go out during classes and has been taking out to potty by a variety of folks without an issue. At home it’s similar, she has a vocalization I can tell means, “I really mean it.” She will also go to the door, not all the time, but she’s a clean dog – I’d like to think it won’t take her long. She’s not perfect, but I’m not worried about it. She’s had very few accidents recently, hopefully that continues.

Aja is one very thick and chunky 10 week old. Bright was also a neckless brick at this age, I thought she was going to be huge. I assume Aja will be similar. She’s getting to be a lot of puppy to tote around though! Her freckles are spreading rapidly and combining together to form even bigger freckle islands. Her ears sometimes seem like they are going to do something, but in the end come back to ‘normal puppy’ ears. They’re adorable, but I do wonder if she’s going to have an ear adventures, I’d expect them to start doing something soon if they’re going to.

Play-wise Aja continues to be weird about chasing me, she’d much rather play with me on the ground. Not sure what that’s about but she’s a little better, she’ll chase a toy with me circling when I’m standing, but not really if I’m just running away from her. She continues to like to play with a variety of toys, and has discovered the power of keeping toys away from the other dogs – and she likes it. She’s going to be such a bitch when she grows up.

Still loves other dogs, that’s one I have to be careful with as she does see every dog as her new best friend. She will most definitely listen if they tell her no, but I obviously I try not to let her interact with dogs that don’t want her around. She’s played and met with lots of new dogs this week, which have all been positive experiences. She just doesn’t get nervous about other dogs like she does about meeting new people. She’s not obsessed with other dogs though, she’s actually a very people focused dog and even in the midst of dogs running amuck is happy to play with me.

We continue to go to new places and try to get her out in public. For the most part she does pretty well with things, though the toy train at the garden store really freaked her out. I haven’t seen her be noise sensitive, and in general assuming it’s not involving strange people trying to pet her, she’s pretty brave and inquisitive. Finally did her nails, not a dramaqueen about that either.

Fun, happy, spunky, wiggly little puppy, no real issues, just been fun to watch her discover the world. Really curious about what kind of dog she’s going to grow up to be. I will say she taught herself the tunnel like the first day at the arena, she’s been taking them just for fun ever since. Thankfully she does not feel the need to climb all the contacts like Navarre still does to this day.

Aja won’t be getting a weekly video for long, but they do change so much at this age it seems appropriate:


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