Meet Marvin

OMG, my new kitten is insanely awesome! Exactly what I was hoping for, and what I’ve been missing. When a cat just naturally craves and enjoys snuggling it’s such a different feel than cuddling with a cat that happens to be in the mood. He just LIKES me, and purrs and snuggles and carries on – it makes my heart melt. And he is unnaturally cute. Like I can’t even believe he’s real he’s so cute. The maine coons were never even remotely this adorable. The cuteness factor is off the scale, and that wasn’t even anything I was looking for. I’m not going to complain though, watching this little puffball strut around the house, little tail in the air is … indescribably cute. SO CUTE. My god I love him!

The hard part is he doesn’t want to be in the bathroom, he wants to be with me all the time and I so want the introduction period to be over already! But we will take our time. Fizzy is unimpressed as he’s seen kitten up close and personal as he barged in to eat the kitten’s food. But kitten wasn’t too upset at being hissed at, and Fizzy wasn’t too upset about the kitten – he just wanted the food. Kitten thinks dogs are scary though. He’s a brave little guy, he just came right out and has explored all over the house, and dogs through the glass door are okay, but not without a barrier. Dragon is not acknowledging him. Navarre and Haku are obsessed, Bright is afraid of him, naturally.

We will slowly work on the introductions, I can’t wait until he can be part of the household. He’s just so much fun and so sweet and SO CUTE – gah! I’m so happy I got him, I waffled over getting another cat, and getting another purebred cat seems silly – but he is exactly what I wanted. The breeder was great and she’s been very supportive, she gave us so much stuff to get started and even an embroidered bag! I loved him from the moment I saw him, and all her cats were super sweet, happy and friendly.

Random unrelated spunky kitten


Marvin’s older sister from the previous litter


Mama (who is so done with kittens)


Not Marvin (this is his brother!)



I got to meet mom, who was really sweet and TINY – well, compared to my brutes. My kitten won’t be itty bitty, but it will be interesting to have a more normal sized cat around. He’s super fluffy at the moment, but mom didn’t have a ton of coat and there was a full sister from a previous litter there that was pretty moderate. Theoretically ragdoll coats don’t mat, so hopefully he won’t be too much work in the grooming department. The maine coons are pretty easy, so I’m spoiled. He’s just like cloud at the moment, nothing but eyeballs and fur. Did I mention how cute he is?

I still like the name ‘Peru’, but this guy didn’t fit the name. He’s a ‘Marvin’, and it suits him well. No idea where that name came from but it popped into my head and there it stayed. So, welcome, little Marvin – I hope you’re very happy here. Fingers crossed everyone gets along, I don’t think Marvin will be the issue!

Meanwhile, we’re back from our Christmas beach vacation. Kind of funny, my parents say that Aja is the ‘nicest puppy you’ve ever had’. Ha! I think of her as such a troublemaker, though she was on her best behavior at their house over the holiday. Aja did great with the trip, she is a true BC, making herself at home wherever she goes. She was quiet and sweet and totally comfortable at my parent’s house. We had her x-pen set up in the main room and she was all charming and cute the whole time. Slept through the night in a crate too, the girl has that down to an art.

I do think the key was wearing her out at the beach. Beaches are made for dogs and Aja took to it instantly, that puppy loves to run. She is such a fun little thing, she’s always up for a party. She did think the ocean was pretty cold, but wasn’t overly afraid of it, just didn’t want to get really wet. She experimented with wading into the river though, brave girlie. Until a seal tried to eat her. Well, probably tried to eat Haku, actually. Or maybe it was just popping in to say hello, it’s hard to tell. But, yeah, the dogs were swimming out in the river where it meets the ocean and a huge fricken seal comes popping out of the water right behind them as they’re bringing back the ball. Never seen anything like it, I don’t know if seals are aggressive or it was just curious, but no one got eaten. And I felt better about accidentally vaccinating Aja for lepto the other day.

Fun times at the beach, lovely weather, had a great time with my folks – and Aja is 12 weeks old now! Time does fly with puppies. I went and looked back and Navarre knew a lot more behaviors than Aja does at this age, but I think he was kind of a nerd. Aja is more of a party girl. Though she is crazy smart and catches onto things insanely quickly – she’s not going to be hard to train to do anything, she’s one smart cookie.

Aja is off on another sleepover while kitten settles in, which I appreciate and I think is really good for her. I’m really happy with how outgoing she’s becoming, she is often greeting new people like long lost friends, and even when she starts out cautious she’s getting over it faster and faster. I have to wonder if she’s going to have much Drama at all once she’s older. Time will tell. Also curious how big she’s going to get, she’s such a CHUNK at the moment!


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