Happy New Year

Gah, puppies, kittens – it’s madness at my house at the moment. Of course, Aja just wants to chase Marvin, so I can’t really have that cuteness together unless I’m holding Aja. But that’s okay, it would probably be TOO cute if they ended up playing together anyway.

Marvin has rapidly made himself at home, I accelerated the process a bit as he just hated being separated out in the bathroom. His sad yowls are the most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard. He still gets some ‘alone time’, but he’s now pretty much accepted the dogs and being stalked by Haku. Navarre got weirdly sensitive around him once Marvin was just playing and running around ignoring the dogs. Bright still pretends he doesn’t exist, as she does with all cats.

The cats have been doing pretty well, other than some hissing by the big boys. Nothing serious as who could really be upset with that little ball of fluff? They’re not really interacting yet, but the cats are pretty much like, “Huh, kitten, whatever.” Marvin is pretty sure everyone likes him, so he just walks under and brushes up against the other cats and they consider being upset about it, but then they just look at his adorable face, shrug, and move on. Dragon has been remarkably chill about the whole thing, I think he likes other cats better than people anyway, so he’s been pretty vocal in a curious way when kitten is around. Fizzy and Marvin have both sat next to each other on my lap, a little wary, but mostly chill. I’m expecting friendships and cuddling to start next week.

Marvin continues to be ridiculously cute and so incredibly snuggly. How easy it’s been to go back to having a cat attached to me again, there is something so right about that. Marvin loves to play and his ridiculous antics all over the house just kill me with cuteness. I love kittens so much, I wish they could stay this age forever! Gah. Marvin is amazing, so happy to have him.

He’s been sleeping on the bed on my neck at night, among the cats and dogs without worry. I love how cats are just so cocky, especially kittens. He loves exploring the house and checking out everything new and running around looking SO CUTE. Gah, kittens just slay me. Though I did squish him in the fridge door today – whoops, too curious. And he LOVES food, yet another cat I have to fend off when I’m trying to eat. Who knew cats were so into pudding?

And Aja is growing up! She came back from her sleepover and she’s not a fat little brick anymore, she’s a brick with LEGS. How quickly they do grow up, she’ll be 3 months old this week. She’s bringing back toys and magically figured out how to stay … uh, in the house, at least. She also fits under the baby gate to the cat room that I lifted to have a gap kitten can use. So that’s not handy. Aja remains incredibly cute, her little face has just never lost its puppy adorableness. Her ears are rosing, which just adds to the whole picture. God puppies are cute!

This week’s focus is on stays, recalls and going in and out of doors/crates. She’s getting too big to just carry everywhere now! She’s getting so mobile and athletic, leaping on and off of the couch and stealing toys from off the desk and ornaments off the tree. Girl is always on the lookout for a party!

She still has some Drama, but her recovery is fantastic. She is more wary of a single person approaching her than a large group, which is interesting. She’s not even afraid of children, which is novel. Though even more impressive, we were at the beach and a lady and her small child came over to see the puppy and Aja was wary for a bit until she warmed up – but meanwhile Bright is THROWING toys at this kid to get her to play. Who the hell is Bright these days?

I did have to make a difficult choice this week, went up to the snow with Tammy and only had room for two dogs. Such a hard decision, we always do everything together! I ended up bringing Haku and Bright, as they had to share a smaller crate and I thought that would be easier for them because they’re less likely to get annoyed with another and they’re just smaller. Still, so weird not to have Navarre, they are my constant trio these days. Such good dogs, I can’t imagine life without them – they have been my rocks this year.

Hard to believe it’s almost 2018, though I am looking forward to it. It just has a much better feel than 2017. And maybe it’s all an illusion, but I’d like to think 2018 will be a good year for folks. 2017 was hard for so many, I think we’re due some goodness. After a busy start, my winter break has basically just started, so it’s time to start thinking about what I’d like to accomplish in the new year. But maybe I’ll think about that … next year.


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