Poor Sick Kitties

I gotta give Dragon credit, he’s really been super cute with the kitten. And I finally solved a mystery the other day, how cat litter kept getting into the dog water bowl. It’s Dragon, he actually plays in the water, like splashing around! Who would have guessed? Dragon has a secret life, apparently. He’s also the only cat feeling good at the moment.

I brought Fizban into the vet on Tuesday morning after he didn’t eat the night before or that morning. He was lethargic and just laying around in his cat bed, not even getting up when I was feeding the cats. And that is unheard of in the world of Fizban, he has NEVER missed a meal his whole life. So I figured there must be something deathly wrong, but they couldn’t find anything at the vet. Temp was normal, no sign of urinary issues or a blockage. I mentioned the kitten, but at that point Marvin had been with us for two weeks, I figured if he was going to get sick it would have been before now.

Which, naturally, meant that Marvin would then get sick with mild URI symptoms. He’s also pretty quiet, some sneezing, nasal discharge, and not quite as ravenous as he was – but still eating and playing. So I thought maybe Fizban had picked up that from the kitten and just wasn’t feeling well, but then he started throwing up and retching all the time. No sneezing, but oddly loud sleeping – maybe a URI? So I decided to just wait and see, he was eating a little here and there, drinking, and not ‘deathly ill’, just not feeling well. And this morning he actually ate quite a bit of the ‘Friskies’ I gave him (because that stuff is like crack for cats). I was feeling optimistic that he was on the upswing. But coming home this afternoon he was just retching foam everywhere.

So back to the vet, but still no temp, no sign of anything really – he just doesn’t feel well. Even if it is a weirdly presented URI, antibiotics aren’t really going to do anything for that. She talked about the possibility of a hairball lodged in the soft pallet, but he didn’t seem to present with the normal symptoms of that. So we gave him an anti-nausea injection, did some bloodwork just to be cautious and we’re back to wait and see. Sick Fizban has just been super sad, and quiet kitten isn’t what you want to see either. I’m just so ready for cats to get back to normal around here. Though Dragon is in heaven, he’s been eating for two this week and he thinks it’s fabulous. Fizban is down to 15 pounds, which is a scary thought.

Meanwhile, Aja has been off with David to let the kitten settle in, and then with sick kitty, best not to have puppy either. She’s off to the beach this weekend with them and then back with me next week. Fingers crossed all my kitty drama will be over by then. Marvin has certainly decided that dogs are just fine with him, and even met a new dog this week and just came right up into their face – gotta love cats. I think if he’s feeling well we’re ready for face to face interactions – Marvin can take a little craziness now. My dogs have been great with him, it’s interesting how careful they are not to step or him and are very aware that he’s tiny and fragile. I have good dogs.

International league went better this week, well, in some ways. First run Navarre had regressed to running around obstacles, and took like five attempts to get him over the last jump. Getting him to drive to the end of a course, obviously something we need to work on. Had some issues with him not being able to hang onto the weaves with excitement again, so that’s still there. He’s a good boy though, and he has such a good time. Bright continues to be rather erratic with her contacts. Before league we had a bit of time so actually practiced her stopped dogwalk contact – no problems. But when we actually ran it in sequence, ‘touch’ meant ‘run the dogwalk into the off course tunnel!’ – which amuses me greatly. The goal is to get her somewhat consistent with contact criteria before nationals. So far we are not making a lot of progress.

Not surprisingly, both dogs did much better when I actually, well, handled them instead of strolling through the course. They are both in the USDAA team trial this weekend, the goal is to get ahead and handle more aggressively. And hope there isn’t too much international type handling as they are both set to ‘AKC’ at the moment and I’m not doing much to discourage that. Yes, take that jump right in front of you!

Today we actually went down and practiced a bit, wanted to do some weave work before the weekend. Naturally that meant that Navarre was just about perfect, so whatever weird weave issue he has apparently does not show up in practice. Bright had more weirdness than Navarre, which is how the pendulum is swinging at the moment. Bright is filling in for a performance team this weekend, which means she’s jumping 16, and that has been fun to practice. Navarre at 21.5 makes 20 inches look very comfortable as well – I like the lower jump heights.

Took the dogs herding last weekend with a guy we had never met before down south. So that’s always a whole lot of unknowns, herding people can do some crazy stuff with dogs sometimes, always wary working with someone new. This guy seemed nice and very kind and soft spoken with the dogs, nothing scary or weird – though we later learned he trained up with some crazy people in WA, apparently, so that’s discouraging. Still, going to give him another try and go back next weekend. Hopefully I can get some sheep practice in before then, Haku has homework to work on driving. I had the guy work with Navarre and Navarre had no problems with that – and actually ended on some nice thoughtful work. He may not have much instinctive feel for sheep, but it was good to see him finally settle in. This, of course, made two very happy border collies (and Bright was only too happy to stay in the car).

I continue to waffle about just retiring Haku from obedience. Having some herding opportunities gives us something else to focus on – and I don’t miss it at all. Navarre may still someday give obedience a go, but he’s still not ready. He’s just turning 3 this Spring, maybe 4 or 5. No point unless he enjoys it. Seriously considering shelving obedience for a while, I’ll decide by February.

Winter continues to be much nicer than last year, no snow, no ice, and while we had some pouring rain today, still plenty warm. We’ve been hiking and field romping and quiet enjoying ourselves. If my cats felt better we would be having a lovely time!

ETA: Hm, Dragon is now losing his voice – which is what happened to Fizban. All of which makes me feel better, if it’s just some sort of viral thing they need time to get over, no big deal – I worry Fizzy has something unrelated going on, but if Dragon does the same thing, we’re good to go and just settle in to wait for everyone to feel better …