60 Degrees!

What a crazy day, sitting outside in the sun in my t-shirt, as it was TOO WARM to wear my fleece … in the middle of January. It was a lovely day, but very, very strange.

No complaints to have a nice dry day for the USDAA tournament trial up at Daisy’s today. Compared to our normal January weather I don’t think we could have asked for more. I haven’t done team in years, I’m not a fan of it for several reasons. A major reason was the only time it was offered was on Fridays on Ridgefield with all the runs on one day. So 5 runs all in one day with the worst traffic – no thank you. And then I’m just not a team sort of person anyway, I like doing agility for me and my dog, I hate feeling pressure to ‘do well’ for the team. I ended up with some nice, absolutely no pressure teams, the trial was close to home and spread out over two days – so, okay.

Still, I’m just not a fan of games, which is one of the many reasons I don’t like team – as it’s mostly comprised of classes I don’t like anyway. Today we had Snooker and Gamblers, and that’s fine with the baby dog though. My main goal was exposure for Navarre and hopefully some interesting courses.

My puppy is growing up, he did such nice things! No running around jumps, no falling out of weavepoles, no going super wide – he was trying so hard and having a lot of fun. I really didn’t come away with much to work on, he had a wrap that he reared instead, a weavepole entrance he missed (but apparently slipped, so that’s not his fault). No knocked bars, no missed contacts, he both ran and stopped on the dogwalk, he held onto really tough speed weavepole entrances – SUCH a good boy! Our missed weavepole entrance in Gamblers lost us just enough time that we didn’t quite make it to the finish jump to double our points, unfortunately, but he got all the way through snooker and standard, no issues, and a lovely steeplechase run – that boy loves his steeplechase. We have steeple finals tomorrow, team jumpers and relay. I was really happy with the dog I had today though, he really is growing up!

Bright ended up filling in so Dove could run on a team as well, but I had zero expectations for her. Which was, uh, good. She wasn’t terrible, but she was … kinda naughty, really. Broke her startline in snooker and then went behind me to take a jump. And in standard very much did NOT touch on the dogwalk when requested, and still wouldn’t wait until I told her four times so I could get where I wanted to be. But she did do two nice stopped dogwalks in Gamblers, but I was stopped like 20 feet behind her and sending her ahead. So some good, some bad, she was happy, 16 inches is fun. We definitely have some work to do before nationals, Bright was WAY harder to run than Navarre today! It was kind of amusing, basically all day long Navarre’s team was first, Bright’s team was last. You’d think it would be the other way around …

Afterwards we had just enough daylight to go practice some herding at Poodletopia. I wanted to at least attempt to work on the homework I had for Haku. We have been practicing our ‘stand’ instead of ‘lie down’, and that kind of transferred to sheep – we also worked on our driving homework. It was interesting to see how adding one of the non-dog broke sheep to our three woolies really lightened up the whole group, SO much easier to work with in my mind. Haku was trying hard and loves his herding. With Navarre I took him in with some of the advice from our herding lesson in mind, which was not to attempt to stop him, but keep him moving. OMG, so much easier – we weren’t fighting! Well, we did have an issue where he would get stuck on his away flank, which I don’t feel he’s ever had an issue with before. But the combination of adding the lighter sheep and letting him keep moving I felt so much better with him out there. So, maybe a little progress. Hopefully we can practice again before our lesson next weekend.

Meanwhile, back at Cat Sickness Central, things continue to progress – but I’m very reassured that we just have a weird presenting viral thing going on. Dragon and Marvin have lost their voices and started retching, though, knock on wood, they don’t seem to be feeling really poorly like Fizban was – they’re still eating well. Marvin’s URI symptoms are a little more gooey this evening, and he has no voice at all (Dragon and Fizban still have no URI symptoms). Such a strange sickness. Fizban is feeling better though, pestering me for my food when I’m eating and greeting me at the door again. Still not himself, but on the upswing. Now I’m just waiting to see if Dragon and Marvin end up really sick or not. Hoping they all start improving soon so we can put this behind us.


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