Skinny Haku

I’m on a quest for a new vet, which is never fun. I like the place in Newberg, I like the vets, and any time I felt I needed to be seen right away they got me in and took care of things. But that’s just it, unless it was emergency getting an appointment was ridiculous, it was always like a week out. They were training me to never take my pets to the vet. I thought it would work out with them being farther away because I drive right by there on my way to teach, but it doesn’t matter if I can’t get in.

So I’m on the quest to find a vet that’s closer and less busy. This is all came about when I tried to make an appointment for Haku this week, didn’t need it to be right away, but I thought I could find something that would work with my schedule to come in before or after classes – but, no, nothing. This just isn’t working for me, and it’s been like this every time I’ve tried to actually make an appointment – it shouldn’t be this hard!

Anyway, Haku just has never gained the weight back after his obstruction surgery. Before that he ate 2 cups of food a day, after the surgery I’ve continued to keep upping his food, assuming the weight would come back in time. But I’m petting him the other day and his whole neck is just TINY, it’s like he’s losing muscle. And I finally thought about how long it had been since his surgery, and he’s been eating 3 cups of food for months and he’s still all boney. He’s still super active, happy, perky, eating like a horse, poo is totally normal – he’s just not gaining any weight.

So before the obstruction he was around 41-42 pounds, at surgery he was 37, today he was 38. And he doesn’t feel awful, just skinny. He’s maintaining at this condition, but there’s no reason he shouldn’t be gaining weight eating 1400 calories a day – and he used to plump up quite quickly.

Anyway, so we checked out a new vet in Wilsonville today, overall I was happy. I would go back again, though I’m rather skeptical of their solution. I now have an expensive bag of Royal Canine food that is supposed to put weight on dogs. We talked about other options we could try, in terms of getting an actual diagnosis, but it’s true that this is a good place to start and that even with a diagnosis it probably wouldn’t change what we ended up trying. It’s supposed to be highly digestible and if he doesn’t gain weight on this stuff, that gives us more information. She asked about whether they had to remove a lot of his intestine, which I didn’t THINK they did, or, at least, they didn’t mention it to me. But even if they did, there’s not much we can do about that.

But, mostly other than being skinny, he looks in great shape, has a ridiculously slow heart rate, everything looks good except not gaining weight. We’ll see what his ‘fancy’ food does for him. I’m skeptical, but it’s a good place to start.


2 thoughts on “Skinny Haku

  1. It MIGHT be exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, or IgA deficiency. Does he have mucous in his stool? My GSD is finally recovering, at least in part. Unfortunately, I know TOO much about weight loss.


    1. Stool looks perfectly normal, really other than the fact that he’s not gaining weight he seems perfectly normal. The vet did talk about how GSDs are known for having problems in this area. If this food doesn’t help, I will be going back in and see about the other things you mentioned – thanks!


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