Easter Fools

Gah, April already – 2018 is flying by. I do love Spring though, and it has been a beautiful one. Wildflowers are blooming in the forest, trees are blooming everywhere, bulbs are coming up and everything is emerald green. Yes, I would be okay with Spring year round – it makes me very happy.

Very much enjoyed my trip to Reno, and it was fun to have a big event to look forward to. I didn’t have much planned afterwards. Trials are sparse for the next couple months, because whenever the weather is actually pleasant we never seem to have any local trials. I am feeling inspired to trial after nationals, but I think there is only one trial until June. Oh well!

We skipped the trial this weekend, I figured I would like an agility break after nationals last week. Instead I took the boys up to go dock diving in the indoor pool at their open practice. I had been meaning to take Navarre to be introduced for quite some time, I figured he would love it. I was also hoping they would be able to help me properly introduce him to dock diving to do it correctly this time. But no such luck there, with any help with introducing him or Navarre having any interest in it! My brave Navarre would barely slither off the baby dock – go figure. He enjoyed the barking though! Haku thinks it’s fun, so that was good, though without a proper introduction he just sort of hops off – but he definitely enjoys himself. So we won’t be back, but it was a fun outing – we’ll stick to swimming in the river.

I am hoping to get the boys on some lighter sheep, we’re going to take some lessons out in Molalla before hiking on Fridays. I’m hoping to give Haku a chance to work some new sheep and progress with our driving, and maybe if Navarre works some lighter sheep he won’t be RIGHT on top of them the whole time (though I doubt it!). We’ll see, this is with the instructor I worked with many years ago with London.

We are officially not doing obedience at the moment, which is kind of sad as it had been a regular part of our lives for so long. But Haku has moved on to herding and Navarre doesn’t have much interest in it. We’ll give it a try some time in the future, but it is kind of weird not to be going to the big local trial in April this year. We had some good times.

In agility I really am going to work on teaching Navarre a come to hand cue and go back to working on proofing our threadles again. I’d like to feel confident in our somewhat neglected international skills by the time the Justine and Jessica seminar rolls around this summer. Both of Bright’s boys will be there – how cool is that? Will be fun to see Daredevil again and Creed for the first time since he was a puppy. Love those pups!

Meanwhile, my kitten is six months old! And still so tiny! But kind of fat. I had increased the output of the automatic feeder as I felt the maine coons looked kind of skinny. But apparently Marvin is just eating it all. And the maine coons just let him, as Marvin can do anything he wants, really. Currently exploring options to get some raw food back in rotation for them and the dogs. I think I’m going to break down and buy a chest freezer. I can’t afford to feed them full raw, but I feel much better about supplementing – especially the cats. There are some local options that are affordable in bulk, both ground and chicken carcasses – I think it will work out.

Anyway, kitten will eat ANYTHING, just crazy stuff. Like white chocolate – WTF? He’s such a character, I just adore him. He’s so sweet and funny and super soft – gah, such the perfect kitten. At some point I’ll have to neuter him, but he seems so tiny and young, I don’t think I need to do it yet. Though his voice actually changed while I was gone in Reno. When I left he had cute tiny kitten ‘mews’, when I returned it totally freaked me out when I heard these weirdly mature, “meows” coming from his tiny adorable face! Marvin is growing up, which is sad because I love kittens so much – wish he could stay this tiny and cute forever!

I have the hardest time getting video of cats playing, but here’s a random minute of Marvin:

Oh, and CBD oil update – I’m calling it a success! Dragon actually does seem more relaxed, friendly and happy! I don’t think it’s all in my mind, people visiting seem amazed to both see him and for him to actually go up to folks and say hello. So keeping him on the weed, I like Stoned Dragon.

Haku update, I was hopeful he was going to be chubby after I returned from Reno, but I couldn’t really feel any difference. It’s now been like 3 weeks since starting him on the new food, and maybe he seems a little less thin? Or maybe I didn’t like the conversation I had with the vet when they called to check up on him and were talking about pancreatic insufficiency and how you have buy expensive drugs every month to help them digest things. I really don’t want to do that. And, besides, he feels just fine – he’s active and happy and other than being thin, no issues. We’ll see, I’ll finish up the bag of food and we’ll go from there.

As far as I can tell, Aja is doing well in her new home – the pictures I see of her looks like she’s having a great time and doing well with her new doggie family. I miss the sassy little thing! The amount of local puppies expected this summer is shrinking, unfortunately – but at least I’ll get to play with some Briards this Spring. Can’t go wrong with being a puppy auntie – all the fun of a puppy with none of the lifetime commitment!

Yes, it’s true, Bright and Haku have the same eyes – and combine them together and they make one attractive split face!

We didn’t have much luck with our photography assignment this week, ‘Symmetry’ – this was supposed to be three noses poking through a crack in the door. That so isn’t what happened.


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  1. Argh, I’m jealous; there’s no dock diving where I live. Or flyball. Or herding lessons. Or disc dog. There is one place that has agility classes. That’s it. Not that there’s anything wrong with agility, but it would be nice to have more options.

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