NAC Video

Bright’s AKC Nationals montage video:


Such a good girl, I adore her so much. Her wiggles, her squinty smiles, her grunts and groans, her naughty barks – I’m so glad we had our special event together.

In the meantime, I went to enter the only local trial for a while, and it was full! Ha, that will teach me to procrastinate, so we’re officially on break. Still, already started seriously focusing on Navarre’s call to hand. Amazing what a little practice can do, and very happy with the results doing just tiny little exercises. Also been proofing threadles with both dogs, Bright actually seems better than she was at them, for whatever reason. Our next big goal, feeling ready with our international skills for the Justine seminar.

Knock on wood, I think Haku has actually gained some weight. We’re down to about a 1/4th of a bag of this special food, after which I’ll go weigh him. I’m feeling optimistic we’ve turned a corner though. Planning to go ahead with Operation Raw Food Freezer, which will make me feel better about all the animal’s diets.

Oh, and possibility I may be doing some puppy raising for a sighthound this year, which I would be very interested in seeing what life with a sighthound would be like! We shall see, but summer of puppies may end up having an appropriate amount of puppies after all!


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