Puppy Progress

Puppies at this age grow up so incredibly quickly! Figgy is 9 weeks old now, getting bigger and faster and more opinionated. Fig has LOTS of opinions. She definitely is living up to what I expected with her breeding, though actually she’s basically like female Fred 2.0. I don’t see any Navarre in her, despite their half sibling status. Also don’t see any Haku in there, though perhaps with the barking. 😉

Fig has the self contained thing going on, she makes herself at home wherever she goes, all people are her friends – but she doesn’t really need anyone. For now she kind of follows us around, but I don’t think that will last long – when she sees something shiny she’s gone. She is already a tiny terror of a bitch, taking on some adults with stiff body language and refusing to back down or listen when they say to leave them alone. She also already has an issue with overarousal and I imagine that will be an ongoing problem. She has no self preservation and throws herself around with zero thought and could care less about running into anything or anyone, she just takes a tumble and gets up running.

Fig really is a sweetie though, and really fun and incredibly athletic for her age.  She’s also very smart and picks up things quickly, it’s keeping her attention that’s the hard part. She’s not really food motivated, she just wants action – her chasing a toy is almost involuntary. Still, she is now eating meals … somewhat. She prefers raw, but will now eat some kibble, depending on her mood. Or she may just spit it out. When she is in the mood we have started some basic training that she caught onto incredibly quickly, which is good, as she loses interest just as quickly. So she can wave (with both paws!), spins amazingly fast for her age, knows down, hand touch and roll over. But she’s not really operant yet, she’s not the one pushing me to work, much too busy! She kind of knows her name, we’ve gotten much better response calling to a toy – that girl loves her toys.

Went the vet where she just made herself at home, no worries at all. Got her microchipped, which of course she didn’t notice. UTI results – perfectly fine, the girl just pees an insane amount. But the good news is that she doesn’t do it when she’s ‘busy’, and she’s getting busier all the time. She plays hard and crashes hard, once she’s sleeping she’s really hard to wake back up. I have been letting her sleep on the bed, because she’s been out like a light. She will also sleep in a crate next to my bed, which for some reason is different than the x-pen or crate in the OTHER room, and she sleeps through the night. She will still throw gigantic fits if she’s anywhere she doesn’t want to be though. The problem with having her sleep on the bed is she keeps falling off of it, which scares the hell out of me, so I really don’t want to do it, as much as she prefers it.

The dogs don’t like her much, but they don’t hate her. She’s not real good at making friends with other dogs, she’s a tiny terror of a bitch. Still, she’s a tiny baby, I’m hoping that she’ll start to gain some communication skills as she gets older – as it is, Bright has to correct her and make her respect any boundaries. And I don’t know how long that will last. Navarre was an oblivious dork when he was a puppy, now he’s a sensitive flower, so we’ll see where she ends up.

Fig did surprisingly well chilling during classes this week. I didn’t even attempt to put her in an xpen inside (she’ll just climb right out, screaming the whole way), but she was just dead asleep whenever I’d go to take her out of the car. Other than that she just made herself right at home at both arenas, enjoyed meeting everyone and played lots. I have avoided using the leash, but finally broke down and have been working on her walking with us.

Puppy didn’t care about the fireworks, which was not hugely surprising. She had an busy 4th of a July going to Poodletopia and going on a Heidi Adventure, out to lunch in the city and to the farm store. She took it all in stride, of course – no lack of confidence with that girl!

Poor Navarre just hates the 4th, more sensitive this year than last, we may see about trying to stay somewhere remote next year. He has his thundershirt and his anti-anxiety supplement, but they can only do so much. He hid behind the couch for the most part. Bright and Haku could care less still, which is nice.

Haku got to practice some herding on the 4th too, we set up some chutes and played in the new area Heidi set up for sheep practice. God, those sheep are TERRIBLE though. They are so glued to you that they would not move off of me to go through the chute at all, so that sort of defeated the purpose. But we painfully practiced walking through a Started course – but I had to walk backwards or else Haku would get creative. Well, we tried.

Navarre did much better with our terrible sheep than he did with the lighter sheep the other day, because he CAN’T keep pushing them off me. Which may be part of his issues. But we did work on him maintaining the bubble that I gave him and he kind of had a clue. And could kind of do some baby outruns and wasn’t completely ridiculous. Ah, Navarre and herding.

Fig had her first hike yesterday, she was a pro – that girl can really move for such a young thing. There was no sedately walking next to me, she was out with the big dogs back and forth the whole time. Helped that we brought her a 12 week old golden puppy, those two actually got along pretty well, and kept them out of too much trouble. I did have physically separate Fig from Gypsy a couple times when she went over the top, but thankfully a golden is tough and forgiving – a good match for the Tiny Terror. Fig also went into the water at the river, fairly deep, but no swimming. No real concern about it though, I imagine she’ll be swimming in no time. Like she’s going to get left behind.

We had a nice break from puppy today, Heidi is taking her on day trips to the agility trial. I hear she took everything in stride, watched agility politely, everyone was her friend and that other dogs could go suck-it. And she screamed in her crate the whole day. She’s definitely been a puppy that has not just blended into the household, most puppies after two weeks would be more relaxed with confinement. She’s BETTER, but she can still throw a fit like no one’s business – and you will not convince her otherwise. It would be nice if she could be out in the house more, but she is the Pee Master, so that’s strictly on a directly supervised status, with trips outside every 5 minutes. Still, baby steps, she’s better.

So, yeah, Aja was SO EASY (other than her screaming), this puppy has not been. But I think once we get into a routine it will be better. I’d love to actually train something with her, but, for now, it’s enough to get her to eat at all, she has no time for food and training with a toy is hard with a puppy! Work in progress.


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  1. Do owners send their puppies to you so you can take the edge off the little darlings? Enjoyed reading about Fig and her adventures, but just reading about her made me think of taking a nap. You must have boundless energy.

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